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You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between...

Personality-Filled, Impactful Design & Calming, Comfortable Spaces

Even those who love to make a statement need spaces that can calm and soothe them. That’s why we specialize in striking the perfect balance between eye-catching, statement-making design and livable havens.

Being bold with color, pattern, and style doesn’t mean taking a haphazard approach; it requires intentionality to achieve a delicate balance between the visual excitement you love and the relaxing vibes you need.

Through thoughtful, well-made choices, we give you designs that–while distinctive and exciting–are also relaxing and easy to live with.

Spaces that encourage seamless transitions between vibrant dinner parties and all-day Netflix binges in your PJs.

However you want to live in your home, we bring functionality and aesthetics together to reflect and support your unique needs and lifestyle.

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Listen-First Approach

With over a hundred projects under our belt, we never come into a project assuming our clients' needs and goals. We leave the slate blank and get to know the nuances, taste and functionality requirements for our clients and their space.

Proven Processes

First, we’ll help you unravel your thoughts, clarify your goals, and set your priorities. From there, we apply our full expertise to create a design for you that’s personal and transformative, and that supports the way you want to live in your home.

Absolutely No B.S.

With us, there’s no pretense, no smoke and mirrors, and absolutely No B.S. We’ll communicate openly and honestly with you, giving you the information you need to make smart project decisions. We also look to you for direct, candid communication and feedback so we can nail your design for you.

How YOU Live

The spaces we create are designed to support the way you want to live, ensuring every moment you spend in your home is just better. We understand our clients value spending time with their loved ones and friends, so we make sure their unique needs are designed for.

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Rhobin DelaCruz residential interior design

Get Out of 'Project Overwhelm' & Into Project Bliss

Residential Full-Service Interior Design for Remodels, New Construction, and Furnishing + Decorating Projects

Are you looking for straight-truth, expert design guidance, and experienced project help to make your remodel run efficiently and give you spaces that blow your mind?

Do you need a designer who can work together with your builder and architect on your new construction home build project to make sure it achieves the unique style you’re looking for and functions and flows for the way you want to live?

Are you itching to redesign one or more spaces, or even your whole home, to better reflect who you really are and that makes you feel how you want to feel?

With our Residential Full-Service Interior Design for remodels, new construction, and furnishing and decorating projects, we’ll take you from pre-project planning to fully finished, perfectly-styled spaces that reflect nuances of your tastes and functionality requirements you didn’t even realize you needed.

Rhobin DelaCruz residential interior design

Here’s how it works:

We’ll help you unravel your thoughts, clarify your goals, and set your priorities.

Then we take care of everything for you, including...

  • Using our straightforward expert guidance to help you make informed decisions
  • Creating the initial design concept
  • Making all necessary product and material selections
  • Engaging any necessary trades OR for new construction, collaborating with your project’s team
  • Placing and tracking orders and managing deliveries
  • Managing the agreed-upon timeline and investment
  • Advocating for your interests every step of the way and acting as your safety net to keep you from making costly, time-consuming mistakes you could end up regretting

Even with over sixteen years of experience and more than a hundred projects under our belt, we never assume anything about what you want and need for your project. We take the time to understand you and your goals on a deep level first, then we apply our knowledge and experience in both design and real estate to make your project a raving success.

Trust The Process


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Book your free call with Rhobin DelaCruz Designs. We'll chat with you about your aesthetic and lifestyle, as well as your goals, needs, dreams, and budget for your project.


The Smoothest Process

Our clear, communicative process means you always know what to expect and ensures your project is designed, sourced, and executed to the highest standards of excellence under our meticulous care.


Priceless Results

Experience what it's like to live in a home that's tailored to your uniqueness-a space that seamlessly transitions between relaxing oasis and wow-worthy entertaining mecca.

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View Project Family Haven in Chelsea
"There’s a reason we’ve worked with Rhobin consistently for many years. Not only does he make our spaces more beautiful than we ever imagined they could be, but his ability to capture our taste is unmatched. It’s been a wonderful experience!"


View Project Chelsea Chronicles
"Rhobin transformed our apartment into something we never could have done on our own! One of the things I appreciate most about Rhobin is that working with him isn’t just a transaction to him; it's a genuine relationship. It was clear he deeply cares about the people in our spaces, and that's what sets him apart. I highly recommend Rhobin if what you want is an interior designer who will bring out your inner love for color, pattern, and bold design choices in ways that feel authentic to you."


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How We Do Things

Full-Service Design

No matter how complex your project, whether construction or decorating, we believe in making it easy and fun for you. We handle all the heavy lifting and the fine details so you can go on living your life while we move your project forward to the finish line.

While every project is unique, here's roughly what you can expect with our full-service design approach:

  • Mood Boards
  • Concept Development
  • Layouts & Space Planning
  • Renderings
  • Finish, Fixture & Hardware Selection
  • Custom Cabinetry, Millwork & Furniture Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Furnishings & Decor Selection
  • Ordering, Purchasing, & Receiving
  • Installation

The scope for construction support may include…

  • Liaison Between Contractor & Client
  • Bid Review
  • Plan review & Value Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Site Visits
  • Progress & Quality Checks
  • Final Walk-Through & Punch List

Designer for a Half Day

Sometimes clients want our expert guidance and recommendations for their project but are looking to implement the design on their own time and in their own way. For these clients, we offer a Designer for a Half Day consultation service.

Here's How It Works:

  • You receive up to four hours of design time together with us in your home.
  • Within one week of our session together, you will receive a detailed email with design notes and a spreadsheet with material selections and a shopping list
  • This service can help you with creating a furniture plan, making materials and furnishings selections for your space, or reviewing selections you're considering.
  • Selections include (for a single space) furnishings, rugs, window treatments, lighting, art, and accessories OR for remodels and new builds, paint color and/or wallpaper, lighting, flooring, tile, plumbing selections, cabinetry color and door style, and cabinetry hardware.
  • Our goal for a single 4-hour consultation is to help you solve your project's design dilemmas (usually for a single space, although sometimes other scenarios work well here-contact us to inquire about your project's specifics) and give you a straightforward, easy-to-follow roadmap that lets you implement your project yourself.
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