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"I believe everyone has an inner badass – and I know exactly how to help you bring yours into your design."

Rhobin DelaCruz

<p><strong>Rhobin DelaCruz</strong><br /></p>

Transforming spaces from blah to chic, under-functioning to optimized, and sad to life-giving is our jam!

Driven by creativity, determination, and individuality, we embrace our inner badass in all we do and we encourage our clients to do the same in their space.

But being adventurous with color, pattern, and style doesn't mean we take a haphazard approach. Designing well requires intentionality and thoughtfulness. We encourage each of our clients to step out of their comfort zone, while truly honoring their individual threshold for 'badass' design.  

Whether we're creating a welcoming home, a cutting-edge commercial space, or a destination-worthy vacation rental, our guiding principle is the same: To use our dynamic yet inviting approach to contemporary design to create spaces that spark vitalizing experiences.

The RDD Team

Rhobin DelaCruz

Rhobin DelaCruz

Founder & Chief Design Officer

With clients like GQ, TED, and MTV, Rhobin is a seasoned design talent with a reputation for creating inviting contemporary spaces marked by edgy sophistication.

With a pre-design background in corporate advertising and an ongoing love of real estate, Rhobin has a mind for business. He understands business leaders’ strategies and connects with his commercial and rental clients’ visions to create designs that help them achieve their goals.

After receiving his formal training in interior design from Parsons School of Design, Rhobin began developing his intentional approach to designing spaces for his clients that are at once practical and conversation-worthy. 

Random Facts: 

Rhobin loves to hike in the Upstate mountains. Even when he’s in the city, he regularly walks three miles while listening to business podcasts (and SmartLess).

His friends love him for his winning personality–but his cooking skills don’t hurt! They regularly request his crave-able carnitas street tacos.

He is an adventurer at heart and is always down for something different and exciting, whether large or small.

Kimberly Merlitti

Kimberly Merlitti


With over 20 years of experience working in accounting, Kimberly is an expert in keeping our clients’ project financials in order. Her dedication and solid systems and processes ensure RDD’s books are accurately, efficiently, and consistently maintained. Our clients love knowing that–thanks to Kimberly–they can see an up-to-date view of their project’s numbers at any time.

Random Facts:

Kimberly started out in construction accounting.

At one time, she dreamed of working for the FBI, and even joined the Portland, Oregon Police in service of that goal.

Erica Pak

Erica Pak

Studio Manager + Client Liason

With a background in the finance world, Erica brings a strong sense of numbers and operational skills to the RDD team. She streamlines our processes, ensuring all projects are running smoothly and meeting our high standards (nothing gets past Erica and we love her for it!). As a key point of contact for our clients, Erica communicates with them throughout the design process, keeping them updated and apprised of what they can expect next.

Random Facts:

That's a picture of Victor, her oldest child.

A true animal lover, Erica is a mom to multiple four-legged children and volunteers often for animal causes. To date, she has raised two guide dog puppies for The Guide Dog Foundation. 

Much more than just your average foodie, Erica auditioned for the New York casting of Master Chef’s second season and made it all the way to the final round!

Aileen Kyoko

Aileen Kyoko

Content Strategist

Aileen brings over a decade of experience as a social media manager, content creator, and storyteller to her work with RDD. She collaborates with the rest of the team to create compelling content that highlights our projects, design philosophy, and industry insights. For Aileen, the best part of helping us tell stories about our work is the deep and meaningful connections it creates between us and our clients.

Random Facts:

Also an actress, writer, and photographer, Aileen has produced a few shows of her own.

She has a penchant for travel and has already lived in seven cities in four different countries.

Mitzi Lagat

Mitzi Lagat

Executive Assistant

Mitzi brings with her over four years of experience as a virtual executive assistant. Her diverse background includes areas of real estate, marketing, and finance. Mitzi expertly manages administrative tasks while collaborating closely with the team. For Mitzi, the best part about her role is witnessing the growth and success of the companies she works for.

Random Facts:

Mitzi has two dogs, a dachshund and a terrier, who have been with her since her college years.

In 2021, she developed a love for hiking and camping, which has given her a greater sense of freedom and an appreciation for the beauty of life.



Lead Barkitect

Bailey has been with RDD all 14 years of his life. Throughout his tenure, he has more than earned his keep by staying on top of his tasks which include clearing our plates, entertaining the team with his cuteness, and supplying us with endless cuddles.

Random Facts:

Bailey rarely barks. Instead, he points with his nostrils and a flick of the head.

His most impressive trick is that he can tell the day and time, proving this by waiting by the door for the weekly cleaning crew on the exact day and hour they’re due to arrive.

“Rhobin is an exceptional designer and visionary. He understood exactly what we wanted for our NYC apartment renovation and how to achieve it in the best, most efficient way possible. His meticulous project management, excellent vendor connections, and clear communication made everything run smoothly even though we were remote for much of the project.

Rhobin pushes himself harder to make a project successful than any client ever could. His approachable, supportive demeanor makes him a perfect fit whether you’ve ever worked with a designer before or not. We highly recommend Rhobin and the RDD team!”


In The Press

RDD’s Signature Process

We do all the hard work while making your project easy and fun for you. Here’s a look behind the scenes at what Rhobin and the RDD team do to get your project off the ground, keep it moving forward, and get it across the finish line successfully.
AirBnB interior design by Rhobin DelaCruz Designs in New York


A design journey uniquely tailored to you: Our research phase is where your vision, style, and needs take center stage. We listen, we understand, and we begin crafting a design narrative that reflects your unique story.



Transform ideas into reality: In our development phase, your project moves from initial vision to tangible form. We meticulously refine every detail to ensure the right blend of aesthetics and functionality, all while keeping your goals and vision at the center of the design.



Gathering what’s needed: This is where our extensive network of vendors and trades and our ability to cull the options down to the right choices come into play. We meticulously select each product and material needed to complete your project, balancing multiple considerations including aesthetics, quality, and cost-effectiveness.


Installation & Reveal

Bring it all together: This phase is where the transformation happens. Our expert team manages every detail with the utmost care, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. We oversee installation from the largest fixtures to the smallest details, ensuring the finished space exceeds your expectations.

Our Services - Shaping Spaces with Distinctive Elegance and Functionality

At RDD, our portfolio of interior design services is tailored to meet a variety of needs, ensuring every project reflects our commitment to creativity, excellence, and personalization. From residential to commercial spaces, each service is delivered with an eye for detail and a heart for your story.

Residential Design: Creating Personal Sanctuaries.

Our residential design services focus on crafting spaces that are not just homes but reflections of your personality. We specialize in designing comfortable, stylish, and functional living spaces that cater to your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Commercial Design: Defining Professional Aesthetics.

Our commercial design services are aimed at creating functional, attractive, and brand-aligned spaces. Whether it's a retail store, an office, or a hospitality venue, we ensure that the design enhances customer and employee experiences and supports your business goals.

Vacation Rental Design: Elevating Guest Experiences.

In our vacation rental design services, we focus on creating inviting, memorable, and efficient spaces. We understand the nuances of the rental market and design spaces that appeal to guests, ensuring comfort, functionality, and style.

Our Full-Service Design Approach

For most of our projects, we use a full-service design approach that provides an all-inclusive project experience and a concierge level of service. From initial ideation and concept development to final execution, we manage every aspect of the project, ensuring a cohesive and beautifully realized design.

Renovations + New Construction Projects: For renovation and new construction projects, we blend creative design with practical execution to give you transformational results. Whether it's a modern update or a complete overhaul, we approach each renovation project with a focus on enhancing the space's aesthetics, functionality, and value while making it a true reflection of your style and personality.

Furnishing + Decorating Projects: With furnishing and decorating projects not involving construction OR for furnishing and decorating spaces after construction, we take the stress out of the design process. We oversee every phase of your project, from planning and making selections to ordering and installation, we ensure every detail is meticulously managed and the project is completed smoothly and efficiently.

Designer for a Half Day

For clients who want our expert guidance and recommendations for their project but wish to implement the design on their own, we offer a Designer for a Half Day consultation service.

With up to four hours of design time together in your home and a written report complete with product selections you'll be able to source yourself, this service can help you with creating a furniture plan, making materials and furnishings selections for your space, or reviewing selections you're considering.

At RDD, each service is an opportunity to create something extraordinary for you. We believe in designs that speak volumes about their inhabitants and that spark impactful experiences for them and their guests. We blend beauty with practicality, always with an unwavering commitment to excellence and client happiness.

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