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GQ Magazine Offices designed by Rhobin DelaCruz Designs in New York
MTV VMA Pop Up Designed by Rhobin DelaCruz in New York City

Your Spaces Are a Reflection of Your Brand.

Make It a Good One.

Memorable, statement-making spaces that convey your brand’s values and culture while giving your clients, employees, and visitors alike impactful experiences can elevate your business in ways nothing else can.

At RDD, we know how to efficiently and effectively deliver stand-out spaces that showcase your brand in a true reflection of where you’ve been and where you’re going. We’ll distill your vision into a design that checks all the boxes on your business and design project goals and then some.

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Listen-First Approach

With more than sixteen years of experience, we know commercial design inside and out. Even so, we won’t come to your project assuming anything because your needs and goals set the tone for everything we do. We leave the slate blank until we get to know you, uncovering all the nuances of your brand identity, and real needs and goals.

A Proven Process

First, we’ll help you unravel your thoughts, clarify your goals, and set your priorities. From there, we apply our full expertise to create a rental that’s designed for making memories, and that supports your profit and functionality goals.

No B.S.

With us, there’s no pretense, no smoke and mirrors, and absolutely no b.s. We’ll communicate openly and honestly with you, giving you the information you need to make smart project decisions. We also look to you for direct, candid communication and feedback so we can nail your design for you.

Brand Awareness

By aligning your design with your brand's identity, we create a cohesive and immersive environment that resonates with your clientele and staff in a lasting, meaningful way.

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For over sixteen years, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands around, giving them spaces that amplify their brand experiences, elevate their company cultures, and let them stand out from their competition.

Trust The Process


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Book your free call with Rhobin DelaCruz Designs. We'll chat with you about your brand as well as your company goals, needs, and budget for your project.


The Smoothest Process

Our clear, communicative process means you always know what to expect and ensures your project is designed, sourced, and executed to the highest standards of excellence under our meticulous care.


Priceless Results

Enjoy the return on investment that comes from a commercial design that's aligned with your brand and crafted to help you achieve your business goals.

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View Project CxRA x Bench
"Rhobin recognized our team operates like a family and we can feel how this influenced his design recommendations. We could not be any happier! As first-time clients of a designer, we greatly appreciated Rhobin's approach. He ensured we understood every step, making the entire process transparent and enjoyable."


View Project Redefining Therapy
"New patients often compliment the space saying things like, ‘My old therapist’s office never looked like this!’ and ‘I feel so centered and focused in this space.’"


View Project The Freedom Tower - GQ Offices
"Rhobin and his team are great listeners and really understood what made our brand. It was incredible to see how they operated in sync and turned the vision to life."


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Whether You’re an Up-and-Coming Boutique Hotel or a Cutting Edge Media Company, Your Spaces Are a Reflection of Your Brand

Based in the bustling heart of New York City where innovation, culture, and commerce converge, Rhobin DelaCruz Designs knows the transformative power of commercial interior design.

Whether you're a restauranteur or the owner of a tech company, this transformative potential can make all the difference for solidifying your brand's strength and fostering a cohesive company culture.

Commercial Interior Design for Hospitality Brands: In New York, where the hospitality industry thrives, hotels that successfully align their interior design with their brand often see increased guest satisfaction, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth. It's more than just a comfortable bed; it's the atmosphere that tells a story, a story that guests want to be a part of and share with others.

For hotels and restaurants, we focus on creating a memorable and immersive experience for guests. The moment guests step into the lobby, they should be greeted by an environment that exudes the essence of the brand. We choose color schemes, furnishings, lighting, and decor that embodies the brand’s unique identity. Is it a luxurious boutique hotel with a cozy, intimate atmosphere, or a modern restaurant in a high rise with an urban, cosmopolitan vibe? Whatever the mood you’re looking to achieve, we weave it into the interior design we create for you. We understand that helping you meet your goals isn’t merely about aesthetics. It’s also about evoking emotions, creating a sense of belonging, and leaving an indelible mark on the guest's memory through impactful interior design.

Commercial Interior Design for Media and Tech Brands: On the other hand, we understand that media and tech companies (especially in the age of open and collaborative workspaces) require interior design that fosters creativity, innovation, and teamwork. The design of office spaces has evolved significantly, moving away from the cubicle culture of the past to open, creative layouts that encourage interaction and the free exchange of ideas. For these companies, we design spaces to reflect the brand's commitment to a dynamic, forward-thinking culture and that can contribute to attracting and retaining top talent who want an inspiring work environment.

When working with these kinds of progressive companies, we ensure our designs consider not only the right physical layouts but also the use of technology and the incorporation of on-brand aesthetics. Whether it's a tech-focused startup with a playful, colorful design or a media giant with a more polished, sophisticated look, we give them an interior design that speaks volumes about the company's identity and its vision for the future.

Employee Comfort, Satisfaction, and Productivity: We know that creating a workspace that is not only functional, but also comfortable and attractive, contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity. We design offices and workspaces to be places where employees can feel inspired and motivated, where they enjoy spending their time, and where they can take pride in their company's image.

Brand Identity and Company Culture: In the realm of commercial interior design, these aspects are closely intertwined. We create designs that tell the story of the brand's values, history, and aspirations. We work to reflect the company's unique selling points and what sets it apart from competitors. We then communicate this message consistently throughout all physical spaces associated with the brand.

Brand Awareness: In New York City, where competition is fierce and the stakes are high, businesses need to understand that investing in commercial interior design is not just an aesthetic choice, but a strategic one. Our designs give your brand a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace, to make a statement about who you are and what you represent, and to create an environment that nurtures a sense of community and belonging.

Our Impact: Rhobin DelaCruz Designs in New York has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from high-end hotels to cutting-edge media companies, and we've witnessed the profound impact of tailored interior design on their brands and company cultures. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that every space tells a story, and we are dedicated to helping our commercial design clients tell their unique stories through the art of design.

Whether you're in the hospitality industry, the media or tech sectors, or any other business, commercial interior design can play a pivotal role in defining your brand identity and fostering a strong company culture. In the dynamic landscape of New York City, where innovation and creativity are celebrated, it's not just about having a physical presence; it's about making sure that presence is memorable, meaningful, and aligned with your brand's values and vision. Commercial interior design is, at its core, a tool for businesses to create an environment that resonates with their audience, enriches their culture, and sets them apart in New York’s competitive environment.

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Therapist office designed by Rhobin DelaCruz Designs in New York